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The Making of the Vintage Series

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The idea for my vintage came to after I had been reminiscing with my dad about things we used to do as a family when I was a kid. As the oldest child, I remember the different accommodations my dad provided us with on these expeditions. I wanted to show different seasons as well as a progression of different camping accommodations over time.

I remembered the musty smelling teal blue tent with the orange interior that was barely enough room for all of us with our sleeping bags and assorted necessities. The thing I liked most was when my parents cooked outside, the food somehow tasted better.

I used to imagine I could hear all sorts of animals outside the tent at night and “New Neighbour” is the result of my imagining what if….

The camper was the next stage for us. My dad worked shifts and in the summer when we were off of school, I think it was hard for him to sleep during the day as we were all too noisy. So my parents bought a little camping trailer and every summer we would pack up our stuff and stay for the summer at  a Sauble Beach campground. We had a lot of adventures there, and my little brother more than most. It is an idea of him getting into innocent trouble that inspired “Here Kitty, Kitty”.

The next painting in the series is dedicated to my husband and our recently departed  Jack Russell, Oreo. Jim was a Boy Scout and continued within the organization to being a Courier De Bois by the time I met him. He talked to me about the moots he had participated in when he was younger and the accommodations they slept in that ranged from the old golden yellow bottomless tents that protected you from the elements but allowed the dampness of the ground to seep into your sleeping bags, to the wooden cabins of the Scout camp in Everton. “Last Call” is the result of my imagination and his memories along with an homage to Oreo, who loved to accompany Jim everywhere.

The last painting in the series is the winter scene “Oh Deer” in which I show a bit of a wooden two storey cabin on our bay. One of our favourite things todo while camping was to observe the animals that coexisted with us. As we were interested in them, they were sometimes as interested in the things we left behind. The two white tail deer are examples of one of the most common visitors to our campsites over the years, and I thought they might as well enjoy our snowman as much as we did building it.

I have a great love for all things old, and love when an item I haven’t seen for years evokes wonderful strong memories of my past.

Winter Vintage Painting

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