L.J. Brubacher is a specialist in Contemporary Realism. Her art reflects what she sees on an everyday basis as well as on her many travel destinations. Brubacher works mainly in oils and acrylics, but has been experimenting with the addition of ground metallic pigments, glass beads, pumice and heavy gels to build texture and dimension in her more recent paintings. Not one to shy away from a new medium, she creates textile pieces, such as weavings, and has created and exhibited beautiful sculptures.
Plywood cut out, hand painted acrylic rabbit
The Westerns 2
Three's Company - IMG_6651-no colour
On the Farm
On the Cusp
People and Places
Float Plane, Canadian Artist, Canadian Art, Ontario Art, Canadian Winter, Georgian Bya, Gbay, Georgian Bay Artist
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Painting of the remains of an old mill in Yorkshire, by Canadian Artist LJ Brubacher
Doors, Windows, Gates and Fences
Painting of a Canadian barn in the winter by Ontario Artist LJ Brubacher
Here, Kitty Kitty
_Simply Country_
Maude the Magnificent_1

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